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Erin Colleen Geraghty, Author & Podcast Host

Over the past decade, Erin has turned her pain and growth into valuable resources for her community. Her first book, Thriving After Addiction provides a road map for addicts and those suffering from disordered eating to learn how to thrive again through a combination of yoga, mediation and self love coaching. Erin’s second book is coming out in 2022.

The Thrive Transformational Coaching Podcast is a popular podcast that combines yoga therapy, life coaching, mediation and helpful tools to guide listeners on how to break down the barriers in their lives and learn how to thrive. Follow the links below to buy Erin’s book or listen to the podcast. 

Listen to the Thrive Transformational Coaching Podcast, your weekly guide to happiness & healing.

TYF335 – Yoga and Life Coaching as Power-Combo

In this episode, Erin talks about how her yoga and life coaching have always gone hand in hand in her own life, and the role that has played in her own success. With this in mind, she’s also got some very exciting news about how her programs will feature this powerful combo in more integrated ways in the very near future.

TYF334 – Your Evolution and Friendships

In this episode, Erin talks about how friendships can evolve as we evolve ourselves, but also how sometimes friendships change dramatically. If your circle isn’t willing to grow with you, you might find that the circle isn’t for you anymore. It’s a hard reality for those of us who wake up. This episode talks about navigating it.

TYF331 – Creating Ceremony in Life

In this episode Erin talks about making each individual activity in life its own ceremony and how that can shift your mindset and allow you to become more present. This will also heightened your enjoyment of each individual experience while giving you peace. Om shanti 

TYF330 – Book Excerpt – Erin Being Coached

In this episode Erin reads from her new book, Journey Through the Dark to Find Light, about a time when her student Diana coached her into some grief she wasn’t able to process on her own. During the podcast Erin talks about the dropper technique and how to use it to help process big emotions.

TYF329 – Nervous System Hack Pranayama

In this episode Erin gives a modified version of the Sudarshan Kriya that she uses before classes as well as personally to reset her nervous system to drop in to a more present space.

TYF328 – The Value of Avatars

In this brief midweek podcast, Erin talks about the incredibly powerful use of avatars in coaching and daily life. Using this tool, we can embody larger than life energy and potential.

TYF327 – Salsa Drum of Love

In this short “bonus” episode, Erin describes a moving experience of how she processed big feelings using mantra, and with help from her partner Matt and his “drum” of an empty salsa jar.

TYF326 – Live Coaching – Grief, Guilt and Toxic Relationships

In this episode, Erin live coaches a long time listener of the podcast about grief, guilt, and leaving toxic relationships.

TYF325 – Body as Great Mother

Welcome to this first of a series of weekly “bonus” bite-sized episodes!  This one contains some of Erin’s thoughts and affirmations about “The Body as Great Mother” which helped her, and she thinks will help you as well.

Read all about Erin's journey to healing in her book, Thriving After Addiction

If you’re willing to do the work this book will change your life.

I bought this book after attending a retreat with the author Erin at Anna Maria Island in Florida. I am a certified law of attraction coach and yoga instructor. I love how Erin has infused life coaching, yoga philosophy, Asana and nutrition to create this book for holistic healing. This is more than just a book it’s entire program to help you in your healing journey. It is real it is raw and so insightful. Erin is the real deal. She’s been through the trenches she gets right in there with you and helps you to find your own answers within. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to delve deeper into their own self discovery and learn to live a thriving life. Thank you Erin for this amazing program 🙏


This book is amazing! Not just a book though

This book is amazing! Not just a book though.
Comes with an amazing program.

Highly recommend.

Cant overstate the value of this book and program.
I also adore Erin’s Insight Timer meditations. She also has amazing tools via her Thriving After Addiction Facebook group.


This book changes lives!!!!

Bought for a friend and he says: “I am in recovery and I loved this book. So much that hit me in the first 10 pages. It’s validating to see the feelings I have that are fairly secretive- also shared by the author. Highly recommend this to anyone in recovery- no matter what stage.”

JD Grateful

So profound and relatable!

Amazing book! I am only 30 pages in, but I already love it!

Karen Soscia

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