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Erin Colleen Geraghty, Author & Podcast Host

Over the past decade, Erin has turned her pain and growth into valuable resources for her community. Her first book, Thriving After Addiction provides a road map for addicts and those suffering from disordered eating to learn how to thrive again through a combination of yoga, mediation and self love coaching. Erin’s second book is coming out in 2022.

The Thrive Transformational Coaching Podcast is a popular podcast that combines yoga therapy, life coaching, mediation and helpful tools to guide listeners on how to break down the barriers in their lives and learn how to thrive. Follow the links below to buy Erin’s book or listen to the podcast. 

Listen to the Thrive Transformational Coaching Podcast, your weekly guide to happiness & healing.

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Check out Erin’s retreat to Bali!! 

Body Positivity, Healing, and Roller Derby

Body Positivity, Healing, and Roller Derby


I just did a podcast with Kristi Cheek from FoodieRN, you can check out on her website,

We talk about my story in depth and what was modeled for me as a child by my parents and other fun and interesting things!


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New meditation is out! Hooray!


If you have spent so long rejecting yourself, it feel foreign to start loving yourself. It’s in our culture and very marketed not to love our selves. If we were happy and content, we wouldn’t buy or need as much. True happiness and contentment comes from within.


For me on my journey, I took a lot of my self rejection out on my body. It’s something I still deal with in bits. We can call it one of my constant practices. I have to be aware when I start comparing and contrasting or looking in the mirror for too long, because I do still have some judgey voices in my head about my body.


One thing I have found that helps is making it ok that I still have those thoughts. It takes the shame charge off of it. I look at it as a past pattern and a coping mechanism for my brain. That doesn’t mean I don’t take action to correct it. It just means I don’t shame myself when it happens. When I am in shame, I can’t think straight. It feel like I’m walking through a swirling thorny tornado that’s gray and I’m just waddling along with my arms outstretched grasping for whatever I can to bring peace.


I have found ways to love and appreciate my body and most of that is through movement. I workout and I enjoy it. I don’t do it because I have to, I do it because I want to feel good. I mean, I like feeling good. Yoga helps me with that as well. I enjoy stretching and bending my body. I feel like I am touching something deep inside of me when I do it. When I’m bending in a pretzel I find myself so grateful my body can do this.



Become aware of the statements you say to yourself about your body. Make it ok that you have those statement, and when they come up, don’t stress over them. Just look at them objectively. The more you switch your attention when they come up to something positive, the more they lose their power over you. It’s like if you feel trapped in a conversation with someone at a gathering, and someone else buts in and talks, you can more easily bow out. I know ya’ll have been there. Lol.


Then find all the things you appreciate about yourself.

269 – Deep Subconscious Access

In this episode, Erin shares a deep subconscious coaching session she accessed with herself and shares all the tools she used to get there.

The episode gives a play by play of what happened, how she got there, and what the results were.

The tools I teach such as Avatar and Healing Inner Child can be combined to release blocks and allow deeper healing and rewriting of subconscious belief systems.

Reach out [email protected]

Read all about Erin's journey to healing in her book, Thriving After Addiction

If you’re willing to do the work this book will change your life.

I bought this book after attending a retreat with the author Erin at Anna Maria Island in Florida. I am a certified law of attraction coach and yoga instructor. I love how Erin has infused life coaching, yoga philosophy, Asana and nutrition to create this book for holistic healing. This is more than just a book it’s entire program to help you in your healing journey. It is real it is raw and so insightful. Erin is the real deal. She’s been through the trenches she gets right in there with you and helps you to find your own answers within. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to delve deeper into their own self discovery and learn to live a thriving life. Thank you Erin for this amazing program 🙏


This book is amazing! Not just a book though

This book is amazing! Not just a book though.
Comes with an amazing program.

Highly recommend.

Cant overstate the value of this book and program.
I also adore Erin’s Insight Timer meditations. She also has amazing tools via her Thriving After Addiction Facebook group.


This book changes lives!!!!

Bought for a friend and he says: “I am in recovery and I loved this book. So much that hit me in the first 10 pages. It’s validating to see the feelings I have that are fairly secretive- also shared by the author. Highly recommend this to anyone in recovery- no matter what stage.”

JD Grateful

So profound and relatable!

Amazing book! I am only 30 pages in, but I already love it!

Karen Soscia

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